If I do not see any questions here that I want the answer for, what should I do?  

You are very welcome to email us with your questions and we will be very pleased to answer them.

Our email address:info@rayflectorsunglasses.com or rayflector_uk@yahoo.co.uk


Can I buy one or two or three pairs from your website?  

No, we do wholesale and distribution only. However, most fashion retailers in London and other cities carry our sunglasses. Just ask for Rayflector sunglasses.


Do you supply other countries outside United Kingdom?  

Yes, we do supply to any businesses around the world as long as there is a courier company for delivery.


What would be the cost of delivery and who is paying for it?  

Ok, the cost of delivery depends on where the goods are delivered. For England, Wales, Scotland it would be around £12.00 for a box of up to 300 pairs of sunglasses. For other regions please ask our staff.

You as a customer would pay for the cost of delivery not us. We would tell you how much in your invoice.


I live outside the United Kingdom, how would the tax work for the goods I import?  

If you live outside the United Kingdom and within the European Union member countries, we would not charge you VAT(Value Added Tax) in your invoice if and only IF you have a VAT number in your country and give it to us to print it on your invoice.

If you are outside European Union member countries, then we would not Charge you VAT(Value Added Tax) on your invoice. But your country import tax might deal with it once it arrive to your country. For export evidence, we need the couriers receipt from you if you appoint the courier to delivery the goods for you. If we appoint the courier of course, we have the receipt, evidence of export, so you do not need to provide us.



How long would it take to deliver the goods to us?  

It depends where abouts you want us to deliver the goods for you. In the UK mostly it take 2 or 3 or less days after the payment clearance and the booking. In some certain areas in the UK, it takes longer for the courier to deliver as the address would be in remote or complicated places.

Within the European member countries, it might take 3 to 4 working days as well it depends which country.

For the countries outside the EU, it might take longer.

For all shipments, we would supply you with a tracking number.


How long would it take to process and book for delivery after I order and paid for the order?  

Once we make sure the fund is there in our bank account, or by card when we get the authorization. Then we book the goods for delivery to be picked up the same day or next day if the order is in the afternoon.


What is the minimum quantity we should order and how would it work by boxes(12 Pairs) or......?  

The minimum order is £300 spend to checkout. You can mix and match the styles. But of each styles there should be 12 pairs. In some styles the colours come assorted(mix colours) in a box of 12 pairs. To know how many pairs of each colour is in the box, please refer to the sub images of the styles you want to order. So you can see for example, how many reds and how many black etc is in the box of 12 pairs.

For those which come one colour in a box of 12 pairs, you should buy 6 pairs of that colour of that style.

For the orders outside of the United Kingdom, the minimum order would be 300 pairs mix and match. So please see the above how you can do so.